Writer, Editor, Director, DP, Photographer, and Actor
 Greg & Donny


Matt plays Donny Smoczyk in GREG AND DONNY, a single camera, scripted comedy about two small town buddies in Western PA. Created, written by and starring Yeager and Jeff Skowron, GREG AND DONNY began as a video sketch that Matt and Jeff shot on their computers from across the country. Fans responded immediately, and Skowron and Yeager developed it into a webseries. They made a 6-minute pilot that won IFC's 'Out of the Box' award at the New York Television Festival, which is given to the most innovative or genre-expanding pilot in competition. The show was developed into a half-hour sitcom by IFC and greenlit to pilot, which was directed by Troy Miller (THE OFFICE, PARKS & RECREATION), and produced by Dakota Pictures.

Here's the first episode of our second season, Which got 200,000 views in 48 hours:


"The greatest Pittsburgh-style accents the entertainment world has ever heard." Greg & Donny Press.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: It's a Yinzer Christmas with Greg & Donny

Pajiba: Yinz Gather Round: Greg & Donny Parodies 'It's a Wonderful Life'

 Photo by  Zandy Mangold.


Matt played 'Xander' on THE BURG, which was the first breakout webseries. Written by Yeager and Thom Woodley (who co-created with Kathleen Grace), THE BURG debuted to widespread media coverage in publications including USA Today, New York Magazine, Gawker, The Huffington Post, The New York Post, Wired, PC World, Paper Magazine's Beautiful People issue of 2007, and was compared favorably to ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT in the New York Times. The final episode was directed by Peter Sollett (FREEHELD, NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST).

Here's an episode I wrote, described by Gawker as a "typically fantastic Burg episode."

The Burg Press



Matt was nominated for a WGA Award along with creators Thom Woodley and Bob McClure in the category of 'Original New Media' for Renaissance Faire web comedy ALL'S FAIRE, in which he played 'Smokey,' the pothead blacksmith. 

"The Invasion"

All's Faire Press



Matt was a writer on The All-For-Nots, a documentary-style comedy about a hapless indie band on tour. Produced by Michael Eisner's Vuguru. Series was distributed on HDNet and Hulu.

All-For-Nots Press