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The Ruin in the Forest

Added on by Matt Yeager.

It was a deep, dark afternoon in the lonesome October, when Josey, Wicket and I, off for a stroll in the heart of the forest, came upon an image that made our blood run cold. A ruin stood before us, daring us to enter its dilapidated walls.

The place was heavily locked with a loose chain, but we devised a means of ingress by slipping through the fence doors.

Were we the first to uncover this forgotten place since time immemorial? We didn't know.

We decided we'd been there long enough for our comfort when all of a sudden we heard what sounded like voices. Startled, we departed with haste, only to discover the voices were coming from outside! Ahead of us... just beyond the fence... were a group of teenagers waiting patiently for us to leave because they didn't want to interrupt our photo session.