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30Nothing is a half-hour dark comedy about five casual acquaintances who struggle to figure out what they're supposed to be doing with their lives in the face of a sudden tragedy. 

Danny is a Wall Street broker who is about to hit hardship for the first time. Vivian is a constant failure whose current pursuit, being a Park Slope midwife, is both disgusting and disappointing. Travis is a once-internet-famous comic artist who now is reduced to making 'quirky' e-cards and complaining about his all-too-stable boyfriend. Harper is a successful event marketer with an addiction to dating absolute shitheads. And Henry is a pompous teacher at an acting school, dominated by his wife and daughter, and losing himself in nostalgia for his old college days.

They're all held together by Troi - the one person they all know, the one person who has all her shit together. On the day Troi turns 32, their lives all come together for one fateful birthday party that's going to change them forever.

30NOTHING is written by a group of actor-writers, each of whom play the character they created: Michael Cyril Creighton (JACK IN A BOX, winner of the WGA Award for Best Webseries), Thom Woodley and Matt Yeager (winners of the New York Television Festival, and creators of breakthrough webseries THE BURG, GREG & DONNY, ALL’S FAIRE, and THE ALL-FOR-NOTS), Hannah Bos (founding partner of Obie Award-winning New York theatre company The Debate Society, writer of BLOOD PLAY at Williamstown Theatre Festival), and Marina Franklin (THE JAY LENO SHOW, THE AWKWARD KINGS OF COMEDY). The pilot also stars Kelli Giddish (LAW & ORDER SVU).

View sample scenes from the pilot below. To screen the entire pilot, contact me (industry requests only).

Who Even Are You / Are You Still in Bed?

That's Stupid Right? / Fashionably Early


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