Writer, Editor, Director, DP, Photographer, and Actor

Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania,

I am a serious Pirates fan. I'm not into football and I have unpopular thoughts about the sport. Go Bucs!

I have been writing and acting for a while, but in the last 10 years that I discovered that a lot of other things come naturally to me too. The ideal scenario for me is to do them all at once. Or to be sent to some wild and far off place on a National Geographic photo assignment (although NatGeo, please note, I am extremely phobic of bees and wasps).

I'm really good with computers and anything technical and I read tech news all the time. If you find yourself arguing at a party with me about that stuff, you're not right, I am. 100% of the time.

I have a violent, crazy cat named Professor who has no respect for the face and is widely despised and feared. Here's a photo of him eating a bird:

 The bird lived.

The bird lived.

I have an awesome dog who I care about way more than any of this. Here's a photo of her looking serious in my office:


Here is a photo of the cat punching the dog in the face:

And this is my fiancee Josey at her favorite haunt:

This video will probably tell you a lot about me

From the credits of The Burg: 90s, edited by the genius Ana Veselic.