Writer, Director, Editor, Photographer, DP, and Actor

Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania,

I am a serious Pirates fan. I love the Steelers too, and have felt genuine sadness the last few years when it all went to hell, but it's baseball for me, sorry.

I have been writing and acting for a while but it's only in the last 5 years that I discovered that a lot of other things come naturally to me too. So now I do all of these things. The ideal case scenario for me is to do them all at once. Or to be sent to some wild and far off place on a National Geographic photo assignment (although NatGeo, please take note, I am extremely phobic of bees and wasps).

I'm really good with computers and anything technical and I read tech news all the time. If you find yourself arguing at a party with me about that stuff, you're not right, I am. 100% of the time.

I have a violent, crazy cat named Professor who has no respect for the face and is widely despised and feared. Here's a picture of him eating a bird:


I have an awesome dog who I care about way more than any of this. Here's a picture of her having eaten a rose:

Here is a picture of the cat punching the dog in the face:

And this is my fiancee Josey at her favorite haunt:

Matt6 Crop.jpg

This video will probably tell you a lot about me. From the credits of The Burg: 90s, edited by the genius Ana Veselic.